Soul Work






SOUL WORK is a small group designed to assist participants


in learning more about integrated psycho-spirituality practice and


experientially engaging with their own lives on a whole different level


than what they have been used to in school. This is education as you


always wanted it: no exams and an environment that will support you


in becoming more intimate with yourself, your world and with God.


You will become “bicultural,” being able to move from the world of


psychotherapy to that of soul work seamlessly and skillfully.




“What we need today are people who can bridge the gap between


Spirit and Mind” -Alberto Assagioli


Basic Skills and Knowledge Sets:


How to use Meditation, Visualization, Guided meditation as treatment


modalities in psychotherapy as well as Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling.


Different kinds of meditation practices and how to use with different personality types.


Self Forgiveness and Self Compassion


Focusing and Somatic Experiencing, Breath Work


Gestalt and Voice Dialogue


Dream Work:


Enneagram as context

Group Process Work:


Owning and Healing Our Shadows


Engaging with Sub Personalities


Owning our Essence


Working with Vocation:


Listening for the Call


Exploring Motivation


Discernment of Vocation


Overcoming barriers

“The eye with which I see God is the eye with


which God sees me”


Meister Eckhart 1260-1328



“That you carry yourself forward and experience the


myriad things is delusion. That the myriad things come


forward and experience themselves is awakening”


Dogen Zenji (1200 - 1253)


Westminster Counseling Center

867 E. Atchison Street, Pasadena 91104.

Time is Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings

Specific times to be arranged

• Hours Vary• Call for Appointments.• Voicemail: (626)398-5581• email: robertbcornellspirit@gmail.comWestminister Counseling Center867 East Atchison StreetPasadena, CA  91104